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ChronoSLAM - Season 2 - Fallout

Fri 10 Mar 10:40am

>Sunday 12th March – 8PM GMT/3PM EDT

Last month at the Ninth Greatest Night in the History of Our Sport The Undertaker shocked the Epoch by pinning AJ Styles to become the Infinite Champion. After denying the former champion a rematch, AJ Styles beat the Undertaker to earn the right to a rematch. Can AJ Styles recapture the gold or will the fire of the Deadman burn brighter than ever?

Pilldust were a second away from breaking up a pin fall in their Parallel Tag Team Championship opportunity, the current champions Self F5 have granted them a rematch at the PPV. However the past weeks have seen no honour in the fighting; Stardust refused to shake DDP’s hand post match and Brian Pillman walked out on a match against Brock Lesnar.

By the end of Fallout either Dusty Rhodes or Kofi Kingston will be the longest reigning Limitless Champion. The current champion Kofi Kingston is currently tied for the record with his challenger The American Dream. Can the former two time champion start his third reign in the divison and cement his legacy or will Kofi Kingston become the new torchbearer for the Limitless Division.

After a hiatus the Fortuna Championship will be defended at the PPV in a rematch of sorts from last year: Tamina will take on Asuka in a Last Woman Standing match.

Andre the Giant is scheduled to compete.

We also understand that General Manager plans to address the interference of Bushwacker Butch and Lex Luger.

>Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor
>Diesel vs. Baron Corbin vs. Zack Ryder
>PARALLEL CHAMPIONSHIPS – Brock Lesnar and Diamond Dallas Page (c) vs. Stardust and Brian Pillman
>LIMITLESS CHAMPIONSHIP – Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Dusty Rhodes
>INFINITE CHAMPIONSHIP – Undertaker (c) vs. AJ Styles

Sun 12 Mar 9:38pm

On YouTube:

The Conjectural History of ChronoSLAM

Sun 12 Feb 3:59am

Ch 4 Pt 4: The Infinite Championship
Awarded to Baron Corbin during the first initial roster save, the Infinite Championship THE title to win. It has created legends and broken dreams and spirits.
1) Baron Corbin (5 Months)
2) Simon Gotch (4 Months)
3) Phenom Taker (6 Months)
4) Bo Dallas (2 Months)
5) Samoa Joe (8 Months)
6) AJ Styles (Ongoing, as of Year 1)
Longest Title Reign: Samoa Joe (8 Months)
Shortest Title Reign: Bo Dallas (2 Months)
Most Title Defenses: Samoa Joe (16)
Least Title Defenses: Bo Dallas (3)
Longest Title Match: Samoa Joe vs Baron Corbin (47:23)
Shortest Title Match: Bo Dallas vs Samoa Joe (4:33)
-Bo Dallas' title win was the catalyst for Undertaker's downward spiral into Biker Taker cause, ya know, he lost to Bo Dallas.
-Samoa Joe technically became a double champion after his fellow Hit Squad teammates Biker Taker and Bray Wyatt won the Parallel Championships from Self-F5.
-Samoa Joe vs Baron Corbin is the only match in ChronoSLAM history to be almost an entire episode long.
Don't forget to point out all my historical errors.

Sun 12 Feb 12:33pm

>Bo Dallas
>Infinite Champion

Sun 12 Feb 2:53pm

>4) Bo Dallas (2 Months)

The best couple months in Chronoslam history.

Mon 13 Feb 7:15am

Don't forget he beat Phenom Taker to win it.

ChronoSLAM - Season 2 - Episode 6

Sat 11 Feb 2:34pm

>Saturday 11th February - 6PM GMT/12PM EST

The Undertaker has refused AJ Styles a rematch for the Infinite Championship - the fans of the Epoch have ruled this is unjustified and a compromise has been reached by our General Manager Sin Cara: AJ will face Undertaker tonight one on one, if AJ beats the Undertaker he will face the American Nightmare at Fallout, if he loses then a new No1 Contender will be named.

Matches on this episode:
- Falls Count Anywhere: Rusev vs. Samoa Joe (1:20)
- Sin Cara vs. Roman Reigns (13:19)
- Zack Ryder vs. Stunning Steve Austin (23:00)
- Diamond Dallas Page vs. Stardust (31:56)
- LIMITLESS CHAMPIONSHIP: Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Dusty Rhodes (37:08)
- AJ Styles vs. Undertaker - if AJ wins he will face the Undertaker at Fallout (45:50)

Sat 11 Feb 2:35pm

>mfw I don't post logged in

Sat 11 Feb 4:01pm

>Falls Count Anywhere: Rusev vs. Samoa Joe (1:20)

Well... That's not gonna go well for any of them.

Sat 11 Feb 4:15pm

I left the YouTube timestamps on... D:

Sat 11 Feb 6:15pm

Waaah Waaaaah Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Sat 11 Feb 7:06pm

Well! Let's hope everybody can make it next time!

When's the next show?

Mon 2 Jan 11:55am

I know it's sometime this month since you guys took a christmas/new years break. but I've got no idea when it's happening.

Though, I'm guessing that it's next saturday right?

Sat 7 Jan 10:50pm

Next week then?

Fri 13 Jan 5:02pm

Prolly this week...


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